Cinthia Fondrk

BECC Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health

Cinthia Fondrk is a Public Health Nurse for Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health. She is a home visiting nurse and a co-lead for the Birth Equity Community Council (BECC). BECC is committed to a collaborative process, engaging individual, community, and system-level initiatives to reduce birth inequities. Her life work is around challenging and dismantling inequitable paradigms. She is a staunch supporter of radical inclusivity and working from the margins through the “muddled middle”, as methods of moving racial equity and health equity work forward. She has experience as a floor nurse in large urban hospitals, a nursing instructor at a local community college, a public health professor at a local university, and now a public health nurse in a local public health department. She holds a B.A. from Macalester College and her Master of Nursing.