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Day Two Sessions & Presenters
Shelly A. Frank, BA, BCA Certifications
Plenary III: Workplace Violence

Shelly A. Frank, BA, BCA Certifications

Workplace violence in the healthcare profession is a critical problem that unfortunately has been significantly under reported. Understanding the scope of the problem is the first step in equipping healthcare professionals to take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their patients.  This session will provide insight into the nature of workplace violence, develop an understanding of situational awareness that can be implemented across a variety of settings, and introduce tangible methods to begin changing these trends.

Shelly is a Nationally Certified Instructor who has won the respect of her peers and inspires her students. After facing a serious need for personal protection in her own life, Shelly embraced a course of training leading to certifications and mentoring under world class instructors. Her training allowed her to put empowerment into action. Shelly has developed one of the top ladies’ programs in the country and teaches a variety of classes from situational awareness to close quarter combat.  Empowering others to take responsibility for their own personal safety is Shelly’s passion.

Kristi J Jarvis, BS, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P
Plenary IV: Care for the Domestic Assault/Strangulation Patient and the Role of Healthcare Professional

Kristi J Jarvis, BS, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P 

Accurate screening and identification of domestic violence and strangulation in the healthcare setting is crucial to assisting patients with understanding their options for reporting to law enforcement, seeking legal assistance, their risk if they return to that situation, and thorough medical evaluation particularly for sequelae from strangulation as well as complications related to pregnancy and/or TBI.

Kristi Jarvis is the Forensic Program Coordinator for the Hennepin Assault Response Team (HART), which provides medical-forensic exams to victims and suspects of violence across the lifespan at ten hospitals in three counties. She is a member on a number of multidisciplinary teams throughout the community and she also consults as an expert witness in cases of domestic violence, strangulation, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Kristi has worked as a content expert on a joint project with the International Association of Forensic Nurses and the International Association of Chiefs of Police and is currently the Project Director for a 1.5 million dollar grant awarded by HRSA to provide education and training for nurses throughout the Midwest. Kristi routinely presents at both the local and national level, provides SANE training,
and has published four articles related to sexual assault, one of which was awarded the Research Article of the Year Award from the Journal of Forensic Nursing, titled, “Debunking Three Rape Myths”.

Sue E Steen, BSN, MS
Plenary V: Caring for Surrogates and Intended Parents as they Journey to Create a Family

Sue E Steen, BSN, MS

Surrogacy is an arrangement between a woman who agrees to become pregnant and intended parents, both having the goal of creating a family. Intended parents may be a woman for whom pregnancy is medically impossible, a single man, or male couple, all of whom desire a child. Reflections from surrogates and parents will be shared in this presentation in order to better assist health care providers to meet their needs and support them throughout this journey. 

Sue’s nursing and teaching career spans over 30 years. She has done research in the area of perinatal bereavement and works as a Perinatal Nurse Navigator at Maple Grove Hospital caring for families with special needs. She is also an adjunct nursing professor at Bethel University and has practiced maternal child nursing in a variety of settings. Sue is currently developing a high-risk perinatal program ( at a hospital in Mbale, Uganda.  Sue has published a number of articles related to faith development in children, nursing education, and perinatal bereavement. She has also led many nursing conferences in the US and Spain.

Brenda Elsagher
Keynote Presentation: Life, Lessons, & Laughter

Brenda brings you on a journey of laughter with a respite from the realities of life dealing with cancer. Daring to say things that people without cancer never say, she relates to her audience in the special language of people in the trenches of cancer. In her fox hole, she is an arsenal of laughter that leaves the survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals with an overall sense of well-being and understanding. Hope is her biggest weapon and she throws it out with encouragement along with huge doses of hilarity changing the focus to the bigger dimension of living life to the fullest with all we’ve got.

Brenda Elsagher is a Certified Humor Professional accredited through the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH), a three year program teaching evidenced-based research on humor and healing; she has been speaking to healthcare audiences across the country for over 20 years. 

Her talks are inspiring and laughter filled. Humor is important in healthcare! BRENDA and science back it up. Through stories, as well as hundreds of interviews with people who have dealt with clinical and hospital settings, Brenda illustrates positive interactions between healthcare professionals and the patient. She demonstrates how humor opens receptivity to learn and understand important medical instructions given to the patient and their caregivers. Brenda will give you a rare look “behind the scenes” with numerous and humorous insights for healthcare professionals, and you will walk away assured that you make a difference in the lives of your patients.

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