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Jane Taylor, Ed. D

I work as an Improvement and Innovation Advisor and as a Learning Designer. I enjoy
supporting learning collaboratives, networks, and innovation projects by providing
expertise in innovation and improvement with an emphasis on human centered design,
including learning about the lived experiences of those we serve.

I have advised over 100 collaboratives for both adult and pediatric populations and have
worked with many states on reducing infant mortality, maternal health, medical home,
primary and specialty care, reducing readmissions; to name a few. I have participated in
several human centered design projects that range from inpatient hospital care to
redesigning a care model for the frailest infants and youngsters.

Personal commitment to developing an approach to improvement and innovation that
focuses on equity, inclusion, and deconstructing structural racism is of special interest to
me. Leadership experience as a hospital CEO and COO for over ten years and as an
improvement consultant to healthcare for over twenty years prepared me for today.

I am a wife, sister, and loving friend to many. For fun, I compete in ballroom dancing,
study violin and in the summer I love sailing with my husband, Carl and rescue dog,
Pepper on the Mississippi River in Minnesota.