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January 2022

In the Know

  • Management of Severe Hypertension – Changing the Culture

    Maternal Hypertension ECHO Series
    The Minnesota Perinatal Quality Collaborative (MNPQC) is hosting a Hypertension in Pregnancy and Postpartum Period Initiative in collaboration with Project ECHO.

    Register for our next ECHO session on January 11, 2022 @ 12:15-1:15 PM!
    Maggie Colliander from Northwestern Medicine will be discussing the management of severe hypertension, the escalation process, and changing the culture with her team.

    This webinar series is free and open to all interested!

    Visit our website to register and learn more.

  • Welcome, Rochelle Johnson as Chair and Mira Sheff as Vice-Chair!

    MNPQC Data Committee

    Please join MNPQC in welcoming Rochelle Johnson and Mira Sheff to the leadership team of our data committee! We are so grateful to have their expertise and leadership as we navigate the complex issues surrounding accurate, informative data collection and use in Minnesota.

    We look forward to the success of identifying, and implementing needed changes and know that this will positively impact the care and health of our birthing families. Thanks to both of you for stepping up to these roles!

  • Thank you to our wonderful sponsor, amma parenting!

    Your sponsorship ensures educational components, including our fall conference, supporting our mission of improving health care outcomes and reducing inequities in Minnesota. This month, MNPQC is featuring one of our fall conference sponsors, amma parenting!

    Amma Parenting is the largest provider of childbirth and parenting classes in Minnesota. Trusted by hundreds of doctors, Amma uses up-to-date research to create a proprietary curriculum approved by our medical Board of Advisors. Amma offers in-person education at our Edina Headquarters and self-paced online and live interactive virtual classes nationwide.

  • Quality Improvement Community of Learning (COL) Opportunity

    The Minnesota Perinatal Quality Collaborative (MNPQC) wants to share this opportunity to align with the Quality Improvement Community of Learning (COL) goal to increase capacity to use quality improvement methods across our state.

    Learn more in the 2022 Quality Improvement Community of Learning Registration Packet!

    Please keep in mind registration closes on January 5, 2022.

  • LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Mandatory Reporting of Prenatal Substance Use

    “Mandatory reporting of perinatal substance use in Minnesota has been identified previously as a barrier to pregnant people presenting for care or disclosing untreated or undertreated substance use disorders. Thanks to three years of advocacy by a team of Minnesotans hoping to improve access to care for pregnant people experiencing substance use disorders, mandatory reporting of perinatal substance use will be changing on July 1, 2021. Providers in healthcare and social services who are caring for pregnant or recently pregnant people will not be required to report the use of controlled substances for non-medical purposes at initial identification. This will also allow patients and providers to develop a safe working relationship where providers can help patients access the care they need when they are ready and able to do so. Please note – if a patient is lost to care, despite attempts to contact them for follow-up, reporting is required at that time, as the goal of this legislative change is to increase engagement in prenatal care, even with active substance use disorders, as this has been shown to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications”.

    Cresta Wedel Jones, MD FACOG, FASAM | Associate Professor
    University of Minnesota Medical School
    M Health Fairview | Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health

    MNPQC has plans to offer town hall sessions regarding these changes.
    Please send all potential topics, information, or interest to

  • COVID-19 and Pregnancy

    MNPQC recommends members encourage and offer vaccines, including boosters, to pregnant and recently pregnant people as this population is at high risk of severe illness, death, and pregnancy complications. Read more on strategies that providers and health systems can use to address vaccine hesitancy.

    Below are CDC COVID updates from NNPQC:

    • The Pregnancy Data landing page for the Data Tracker (similar to the Pediatric Data page) went live 11/4. This page highlights data available across COVID Data Tracker that includes information on pregnant people or people who may become pregnant in the United States.
    • Vaccine Data Section added a chart to the Vaccination Demographics Trends page presenting women by age.
    • ACOG has new patient resources on mental health during pregnancy and other relevant topics – Resources for You | ACOG

    Stay up-to-date – Bookmark our COVID-19 Updates page today!

    MNPQC is dedicated to sharing the latest information, resources, and education with healthcare providers, parents and caregivers, and our communities. Our COVID-19 Updates page includes webinars, articles, and guidelines on the care of pregnant women and newborns, resources for breastfeeding mothers and obtaining formula, health equity, as well as general information, including other languages (as available). Sources include the CDC, MDH, SMFM, and partner PQCs, as well as other reliable sources.  
    If you have additional resources or educational opportunities for us to share, please send them to
    Below are CDC COVID updates from NNPQC

  • MNPQC Community Organization Resources

    Visit the Resources Page on our new website to access the numerous Community Organizations and online resources. These resources aid mothers and their children, as well as healthcare professionals interested in improving perinatal health across Minnesota. If you don’t see your organization listed, or know of an organization or helpful resource that is missing, please contact us at to the community resource section.

    To continue providing access to information, engagement, and collaboration among Minnesota Perinatal & Infant Providers – please send your resources, events, and information to to display on our website.

  • January 2022

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