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Partner Spotlight

Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition

Spotlight Interview

February 2023

Interviewed: Alison Schaub
Interviewed by MNPQC: Brittany Gunderson

How was Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition founded?

Founded by a passionate group of breastfeeding professionals. They came together 15 years ago with a need for lactation professionals have a place to gather and to share information and advocate for breastfeeding.

The Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition (MBC) was formed in January 2006 following the first National Conference of State Breastfeeding Coalitions. Since that time we have grown to include 36 local breastfeeding coalitions! The coalition membership has representation from the state and local health departments, the WIC Program (the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children), hospital lactation departments, La Leche League, and other organizations and individuals who support and promote breastfeeding. The Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition became a 501 (c) (3) public charity effective 2009 and is qualified to receive tax-deductible donations.

What is the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition’s mission?

Vision:  Breastfeeding:  Healthy Babies, Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

Mission:  Working collaboratively to create environments where breastfeeding is valued and supported to achieve natural infant feeding equity in all Minnesota communities.

What are some of your resources and/or programs you offer?

We provide programs and events open to the public where a membership is not necessary. The first in person training is in the planning process for fall 2023 with more information to come at a later date.

The purpose of the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition is:
  • to work collaboratively to increase the initiation, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding in Minnesota.
  • to promote public awareness and support for breastfeeding as the cultural norm.
  • to increase awareness of and compliance with the WHO Code.
  • to develop networks for sharing information among groups concerned about improving the health of mothers and babies through breastfeeding;
  • to serve as a resource for health care professionals and the general public through dissemination of information and materials on breastfeeding topics;
  • to encourage the development of local breastfeeding coalitions.
  • to raise charitable funds for the above; and
  • to engage in such other activities as are consistent with the foregoing.
What would you like us to share and highlight about your organization?

We will have trainings coming up in April. Dates and details will be shared at a later date.

Any other information you’d like us to share with our community and members?

Coalitions are the heart of Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalitions work and brings together all types of professionals, advocates, and community partnerships to pursue natural infant feeding equity.

Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition offers regular continuing education and networking opportunities to grow and learn in the lactation field.