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PreemiePrep APP

Late preterm infants born between 34-36 6/7-week gestation are known to have increased risk of adverse outcomes compared with term infants. They can have significantly more medical complications related to temperature instability, hypoglycemia, respiratory distress, jaundice, apnea, seizures, and feeding problems. Therefore, careful monitoring, assessment, and parent education are needed to promote best outcomes for this premature infant population.

PreemiePrep is an APP created to assist healthcare providers in the careful assessment, screening, and parent education necessary to prepare them for discharge to their home. The app provides valuable links to sites like BiliTool, calculates infant’s weight loss or gain, evaluates CCHD results, reminds caregivers about important assessments and screening and gives many links to important parent education sites. The app also allows caregivers to track an individual infant to help determine when the baby is ready to go home. Based on information from the Late Preterm Infant Discharge Checklist created by the MN Prematurity Coalition and endorsed by MN Department of Health Commissioner Ed Ehlinger, the app provides valuable information in a comprehensive format that is useful and convenient to use in the clinical environment. Click here to download, use and share with your colleagues!

For information regarding the PreemiePrep App’s Privacy Policy, please click here